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Jyotish / Grand father of pandit chandan sandaliya Late shri Pulkit Narayan Jha is The most well known name in the field of astrology and allied science. In his home state, Paying back his knowledge and gifted power for the benefit of mankind. He has blessed thousand of people with his knowledge and skill.Know for Vasto Nemrology, Vadic pujan specialist,Prashri Jyotish Specilist.Astrology is very interesting phenomenon it is able to fore tell the happening of future just by viewing the natal chart. An Astrologer / Jyotish Acharya can help you to live a life with comfort. He can carefully estimate your birth chart and recommend solution for your problem.The people who have depth interest in Astrology / Jyotish are more curious to know more about depth information. The birth chart of an individual can help in same. An Astrologer can help peoples to solve the problems of business loss, job, education, court case, success, husband wife relationship, money problem etc. An Astrologer can Guidance in all important areas of life i.e. Career, Business, Money , Love, Education, Property, Personal Matters, transfer, success, Enemy , Marriage , Child Analysis, Couple Analysis,  Partnership etc......